26 November 2008

hair color

Hair color can do good or bad for your hair. Before hair color is applied, your hair should be in the best condition possible. The more gentle hair colors are natural henna and semi-permanent hair coloring.


Henna is a natural plant used to color hair. Hennas usually contain no chemicals---but can be drying. Bigen hair henna is very good hair henna, but it must not be applied to hair that is freshly permed, relaxed or in bad condition, it will cause dryness and breakage if your hair is not in good condition. You must deep condition your hair at least 2-4 weeks and check for elasticity before you apply. Bigen hair color will cover gray.

Semi-Permanent hair color

Semi-Permanent hair color is gentle and will fade or wash out over 4-6 weeks. It will only darken your hair. It will also add shine and texture.

Permanent hair color

Permanent hair color: Is a bit harsher than semi-permanent hair color. It breaks down the cuticle and saturates the hair shaft with color. Permanent hair color can lighten the hair unlike Semi-hair color. This hair color can be damaging if your hair is not in good condition or if a professional does not apply it. You will know if your hair is in good condition by testing the elasticity in the strands. Deep conditioning, eating nutritious foods or taking true quality vitamins will help your hair tremendously.

Tip: With all hair color applications use Infusium 23 or a good liquid hair strengthener as a regular part of your hair regimen. Also, deep condition regularly, and when having color applied, stay 2 shades within your hair color range; lighter or darker for better results. Changing the hair more than 3 shades can be damaging. For best results, consult a professional hair colorist.


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