25 March 2015

The Meditation: Meditation for Hair Loss

If you follow me on Instagram or read my blog regularly you will know that I've been struggling with hair loss for quite some time. I've been having unexplained hair fall in several spots the hair eventually grows back only to fall again. I've been to trichologists and doctors and though helpful to a point nothing topical or medical seems to be combating the loss of hair and I had been told it could be stress related. This has led me to look for alternative therapies in order to combat stress and heal from the inside out. 
Stress is a constant part of our daily lives and can make an impact on our beauty. Stress can cause you to be more prone acne, early onset of wrinkles, dry skin and hair loss.

11 March 2015

The Haul: Sheabutter Cottage

Freya and I spent time with our favourite Auntie today, The lovely Akua Wood kick ass owner of Sheabutter Cottage, we popped into her headquarters in Reading to support a local brand. Sheabutter Cottage has all you need for your skin and hair and are great for staple ingredients from mixtresses among you. I stocked up on my favourite butters and oils.

4 March 2015

Look Who's Misrepresenting You: The Beauty Industry & WOC

Twitter is usually the place where I talk about reality tv (my guilty pleasure), repost interesting articles and check my notification, yesterday I was was @ mentioned in a petition  by @weareworthit2 that prompts companies such as coty & loreal to 'Sell cosmetic facial products on the high street for ethnic minorities in the UK'. @weareworthit2 or Miriam as I later found out is truly passionate about this issue (learn more here) and I've long since been bashing away at this topic. Some time ago I wrote an open letter to brands '50 shades of beige' where I vented my frustrations at the cosmetics on offer on the great British high street. This article led to my participating in the early days of Brown Beauty Talk a successful beauty chat and website for women of colour. So such a petition should be right up my street?

23 February 2015

The Wig: Nazuri Curls Wig Review + Discount Code

Finally I'm reviewing my new baby! If you follow me on Instagram you would have already seen me  wearing my newest wig sent to me by Nazuri Curls. This wig is a longer length to my previous Nazuri Curls wig. I'm in love with this unit!

12 February 2015

The Guest Post: Supporting UK Brands

There seems to be a tendency in the UK for British naturalistas to be drawn to US hair care products, why is this the case? Some just follow the crowd, led by high subscribing YouTube vloggers whose income is now supplemented through the free products sent their way, and paid for reviews. Although I would like to add, there are a minority of YouTube vloggers who still remain scrupulous and real to the cause, supporting naturals on their journey through unbiased reviews, real advice and heartfelt support for UK brands. Some say price is a big issue, and so therefore choose to remain ‘in the pocket’ of big conglomerate hair care companies failing to understand the economics of the business; ‘big fish’ vs. ‘little fish’, and why price structures are set as they are.

The Protective Style: Wig FAQ

This is my third month wearing wigs and can I say that I'm a little bit addicted! I have been switching it up between my Nazuri Curls Wigs and my Kurly Klips full lace wig.

Why Wigs?

 I've been asked frequently why I'm now wearing wigs and there are many reasons, firstly I've lost a lot of hair due to what we first thought was a scalp infection but I'm now convinced it's due to a low immune system. My scalp has been reacting completely differently to products so much so that I have had to cut them ALL out, I'm currently only using water, shea butter and almond oil for my scalp as everything else causes scalp flair ups. this no regimen regimen has stopped the hair shedding along with long term protective styling seems to be working for me.

15 January 2015

The Trend: Kinky Curly Extensions

The trend for kinky curly extensions is really heating up and I believe that 2015 is the year that the industry makes a huge impact.

There is a lot of talk about the kinky curly weaves and wigs mostly good but some negative or perhaps wary of the impact this will have on the natural hair community. one that prides itself on educating women on growing healthy beautiful hair. The weave v natural debates runs on (and on and on) and I really have no time for it to be honest.

The Candle: IWNC.Co Natural Soy Wax Candles

Ever wonder how natural your candles are? Me neither, that was until I was contacted by UK brand IWNC company who specialise in soy candles

8 January 2015

The Next Supreme: Antonia Burrell Mask Supreme 7-in-1

If I have one constant in my beauty life it's Antonia Burrell skincare. Antonia Burrell has managed to capsulate all my skincare needs in a few simple yet effective natural products. I've always been an advacote of great skincare above expensive makeup, if you take care of your base you will not need as much make up. So I tend to splurge on luxury brands when I can. Antonia Burrell has released a new product to her small yet effective range. The 7 in 1 Mask Supreme (£57) it's  powerful treatment mask with 7 noticeable actions, to hydrate, smooth, detoxify, repair, clarify, illuminate, protect and perfect your skin. 

4 December 2014

The Hand Cream: Bee Good Honey & Crambe Daily Hand Cream

Another day another UK natural skincare brand, Bee Good founded in 2008 by a husband and wife team, they create natural skin care using British bees sustainably and ethically. They use three main bee ingredients that have great benefits for the skin. No animals are harmed in the process so all Bee Good products are suitable for vegetarians. 

22 November 2014

The Green People: Green People Sugar Scrub and Body Butter

I've been interested in natural beauty products for quite some time, since deciding to wear my hair naturally 6 years ago and discovering natural and organic hair products my love for things natural has filtered into every aspect of my beauty regimen. One of the brands that have always been on my radar but I have not had the chance to try (until now) is Green People established in 1997 by Charlotte Vohtz who like many other green entrepreneurs saw what was missing in the market and set about making it happen. Charlotte has a huge impact on the standards set for organic health and beauty products and Green People are a leader in the field with an array of beauty products for the whole family.

15 November 2014

The Challenge: Natural Belle X Nazuri Curls Winter Protective Style Challenge

Hi Dolls, I'm a starting hair growth challenge from November to February with a difference! I'll be wearing my Nazuri Curls custom wig to grow out my hair with little to no manipulation. I'm doing this for several reasons.

1. I'm currently suffering from hair loss around my crown my hair is falling out, I've been prescribed a low maintenance hair regimen which includes a medicated shampoo and that's it! so no twist outs, braids NOTHING! until I find out what is the underlining issue. (see previous post)

2. To show that wigs are the ideal way to protect your hair for longer periods of time and still care for your hair and scalp with very little manipulation.

I want you all to join me in the challenge, regardless of if your're dealing with hair loss, Shedding or just want to grow your hair out and protect it from the harsh climate. I'll be offering one lucky participant a goodie bag of my favourite beauty goodies (contents TBA)

The Struggle IS REAL: My Hair Loss

I'm currently suffering from some quite severe hair loss, I noticed a very small thin patch of hair while I was pregnant with Freya, I didn't think to much of it because of pregnancy hormones. After having Freya my hair began to shed drastically all over making the hair loss at my crown more noticeable. I went to the doctors then and was told that shedding is normal and to wait until Freya is a year old if it continues then you may have a problem. My hair started to grow back and thicken up though the middle remained on the thinner side. 
Fast forward a year Freya is now over two years old and I have noticed a considerable amount of thinning around my crown. I returned to the doctors yesterday and saw a new GP as I wasn't happy with the male doctor I saw previously. She great very understanding and let me explain myself and didn't make me feel silly about my concerns.

The GlowwBox: GlowwBox Natural & Organic Edition Unboxing + Giveaway

GlowwBox has released a natural and organic edition of their monthly subscription box. The box is dedicated to bringing beauty samples to women of colour. GlowwBox is £10 (+p&p) and promises that the contents of your box will always be more than the price you paid and always contains at least 2 full sized products. 

6 November 2014

The Treatment: Mahogany Naturals Rhassoul Cocoa & Honey Deep Hair Treatment

Another Amazing Treatment from Mahogany Naturals! you may remember my utter love for the Hair Detox Treatment from the same brand and now I have a new love Rhassoul Cocoa & Honey Deep Hair Treatment is giving me life! It's literally smells good enough to eat and my hair feels like heaven. Mahogany Naturals is a spa brand, so it's not cheap, yes! I was gifted this product however I'd definitely part with £35 because I know how good the products are, however I really wish the brand did sample sizes. I can understand people being unwilling to part with £35 without knowing if the product will work for them hopefully this can be remedied in the future.